Aluminum Siding: A Self-Liquidating Investment

A siding option to use for the exterior of a house is aluminum. It has been a popular choice for many years as an alternative to wood and other types of siding. Aluminum siding has the capability to appear like it is wood. Modern technology has advanced in the area of paints. You can have your aluminum siding painted to simulate real wood grain. Or you can choose from a variety of paint colors to blend with the color of your roof, gate and landscape, etc. This shows how versatile it can be. Whatever look you want to project for your exterior wall siding, you can do it with your choice of vibrant or neutral color paint to reflect your taste and personality.

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College As An Investment For Your Future

It is common place for students leaving high school all over America to consider the pros and cons of going to college. While it is unanimously accepted that a college degree will greatly increase your earning potential when leaving college, this is almost always weighed against not only the lost earning potential of getting a job out of high school and the hands on experience desired by employers, and the fact that the monetary cost of going to college and a debt that will last for a large part of your adult life.

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Misselling Endowments – The Downfall of an Investment Vehicle

The practice of endowment misselling reared its ugly head in the late 1980s; unfortunately, the effects wouldn’t truly be seen for a decade, as many hopeful investors saw their investments come up woefully short, due entirely to agents and companies that misrepresented the true value of the bond. Does the general public have a right to be indignant over misselling by banks and insurance agents, in the same way as they would over a blatant purse-snatcher? After all, consider the name of the alleged crime, itself: “misselling”. It’s as if to suggest the fraud is an accident, or an attempt to deflect blame away from the more powerful party in all financial transactions. For a better perspective, consider the Fraud Act of 2006, which was put in place in part to place tighter reins on the dubious endowment policies sold by many investment agents in the last century:

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