Aluminum Siding: A Self-Liquidating Investment

A siding option to use for the exterior of a house is aluminum. It has been a popular choice for many years as an alternative to wood and other types of siding. Aluminum siding has the capability to appear like it is wood. Modern technology has advanced in the area of paints. You can have your aluminum siding painted to simulate real wood grain. Or you can choose from a variety of paint colors to blend with the color of your roof, gate and landscape, etc. This shows how versatile it can be. Whatever look you want to project for your exterior wall siding, you can do it with your choice of vibrant or neutral color paint to reflect your taste and personality.

There are many upside features of this type of siding solution. Its advantages compared to its disadvantages may persuade you that it is a viable option. To give you some important facts about aluminum siding, it is very light in weight and highly durable. Because of its high insulation properties, it can keep your interiors cool and you will need only lower energy. Your family will be happy because of the comfort and convenience. It can help also in keeping your surround a bit quieter because of its sound resistance capability.

When you think about how to maintain it, you will have no problem because all it takes is thorough annual or semi-annual cleansing with an appropriate cleaning solution, soap and gallons of water. If you want a new look, you can do a repainting with oil based primer and spray painting with the color you prefer. You have to choose the best quality paint with sheen of flat, satin or semi-gloss. Aluminum siding is very easy to paint. The success of a painting job depends on the quality of surface preparation. When the painting is done and you put your property in the market for sale or rent, it will command a better resale value and leasing rate.

Another positive feature is its high fire-retardant rating. It is also water proof and rust proof. Aluminum siding is also mold, mildew and moisture resistant. Another advantage of aluminum siding is you can make it a do-it-yourself job. With some basic tools, equipment, you can install it yourself. But before you decide on it, you have to be prepared and well conditioned. Your safety and not the savings on professional siding contractor’s fee is the main issue. If the installation cost is affordable, it is wiser to let the experts handle it. However, if you are confident that you are qualified with your skills and ready to take on the job, then go ahead. Familiarize yourself with the instruction manual. But before you place any order, why not surf the websites of siding manufacturers or home improvement gurus and view their “how to do it videos”. The siding is available in packaged kits together with the aluminum panels, trim and strips and installation guide. Make sure that you purchase extra panels as your contingency in the event you need to replace a heavily damaged panel siding.

When it comes to its downside, this siding is more expensive than PVC siding. But this negative aspect is also disputable in the sense that you can easily recover your investment from lower energy bills. You will not spend more for your heating and cooling costs. It is therefore a self liquidating expense if you want to feel positive about the high price. Another negative aspect is, it is not scratch proof. As a matter of fact, it is prone to denting and cracking. The upside is it can still be repaired. It is also sensitive to high and low temperature with its contraction and expansion fluctuation.

Based on the above background and technical aspects about aluminum siding, it is very clear and evident that the pros outweigh the cons. Therefore, after you have done your research and internet surfing, you will be able to make a conclusion that aluminum siding is a worthwhile investment and ideal siding choice. Your next step is to choose a supplier who can offer you the best deal. Then decide if you want to handle the installation yourself or assign the project to the experts.