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Misselling Endowments – The Downfall of an Investment Vehicle

The practice of endowment misselling reared its ugly head in the late 1980s; unfortunately, the effects wouldn’t truly be seen for a decade, as many hopeful investors saw their investments come up woefully short, due entirely to agents and companies that misrepresented the true value of the bond. Does the general public have a right to be indignant over misselling by banks and insurance agents, in the same way as they would over a blatant purse-snatcher? After all, consider the name of the alleged crime, itself: “misselling”. It’s as if to suggest the fraud is an accident, or an attempt to deflect blame away from the more powerful party in all financial transactions. For a better perspective, consider the Fraud Act of 2006, which was put in place in part to place tighter reins on the dubious endowment policies sold by many investment agents in the last century:

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How to Choose Perfect Watches for Investment

Very few items make a statement of luxury as well as refinement like carefully selected timepiece. For any business person, a watch is considered an acceptable piece of jewelry globally. Most prominent watchmakers provide luxury timepieces in a more classic and timeless way. Watches of Switzerland are an understated and tasteful way to communicate status and wealth as well. This statement also applies to automatic tourbillon which is used an emblem of unique taste for its priceless and lavish proprietary. However, it is important for an individual to know the craftsmanship involved in the creation of the two items to be assured of a long-lasting investment. Remember, if you obtain a timepiece that is long-lasting, there will be no need to purchase a new one, making it a long time investment. If you want to purchase a timepiece which will hold or even increase its value in several years to come, it is important to consider some factors which include the following:

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